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La popularitat a twitter és diferent segons les llengües 11 febrer 11UTC 2013

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Un article molt recent, Two types of Twitter users with equally many followers, desvetlla diferències substancials en algunes llengües respecte les dos tipologies  de popularitat que detecten a Twitter (les negretes són nostres):


By measuring different network-based quantities, we showed that type 1 and 2 users have different network properties although they have comparably many followers. On average, type 1 users, defined by a small number of friends, are characterized by less reciprocal links, possession of followers with less reciprocal links and less friends, and larger PageRank values, than type 2 users. The distinction between the two types is stronger in the Japanese, Russian, and Korean language groups than the English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French groups. Warning that a specific user is of type 1 or 2 may help promote social etiquette on Twitter.
(…) Our manual inspection of the users’ profiles suggests that more celebrities and popular bloggers are found among type 1 rather than type 2 users.(…) We found that the proximity depends on users and the language. The reason why type 1 users were not found in the previous study (Weng et al. 2010) is unclear but may be that they mainly investigated English speaking users.



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